- 2022 - 49” W x 25” H x 7.5” D -

Printed Circuit Board, Wooden Frame with High Voltage Wood Burning. A 16-piece choir of high voltage plasma speakers, singing generative harmonies that organically shift and modulate over time.

The blind choir hovers aloft, each voice a small spark of the divine. The singing swarm, a sound strange and deadly.

Blind Choir consists of 16 plasma speaker wasps, each of which generates a high voltage arc at audio rate to create harmonically pitched sound from the ionization of air particles. The wasps are controlled by a central hive element that runs a generative composition program to organically modulate harmony and spatial patterns over time in an infinitely evolving process. The choir frame makes use of a high voltage wood burning process wherein electricity finds the path of least resistance in the material to create organic capillary patterns, mimicing the signal flow outward from the hive.