- 2021 - 34.5” W x 18” H x 2” D -

Printed Circuit Board, Reclaimed Wood Frame. A swarming behavior modeler, flanked by dual chargeable trigger event generators, controlling two bug zapper outputs.

The insects rush toward the point of frenzy, blind legions, caught in a momentum of their own making. Larvae twitch in waxen cells, bathed in a honey-colored light, while chitinous wings cut patterns in the pheromone laden air. Drawn ever forward, they fall into the roiling vortex, to die amid bolts of lighting and the smell of ozone.

Blind Legions uses the behavior of circuitry to convey an apocalyptic narrative: the story a catastrophic event brought about by civilization wide momentum and exponentially increasing rates of change. The central swarming behavior model charges two meters on each side panel via it’s activity, which in turn produce a rising control voltage, increasing the speed and activity of the swarm. As the meters charge the swarm builds to the point of frenzy, until the charging is complete, at which point two bug zappers trigger in sequence, an apocalyptic event that reduces the swarm to its pre-civilizational level.