- 2020 -

Installation piece for Contact Microphone, Envelope Follower, CV-To-PWM Converter, CV Delay Line, Fan, Lamp, Solid State Relay, Solenoid Motor, Peristaltic Pump, Rotary Encoder, Microcontroller, Phaser Pedal, Guitar Amplifier, Japanese Drumming Robot, and Misc Electronics. 

A feedback loop incorporating signal transfer between analog, digital, and physical mediums. 

‘The purpose of this piece is to express the beauty that I find in audio signal flow from my perspective as an audio programmer and electrical engineer rather than from my perspective as a musician. When designing audio hardware or software I often experience a particular appreciation for the logic and thought process behind signal flow, which exists as a wholly separate entity from my appreciation of the musical result. This ‘logical appreciation’ largely manifests internally due to the technical nature of my work and because the result I deliver to users is often a black box element, which allows them little understanding of the internal processes other than an abstracted interface. My goal therefore is to set up a signal flow that is perceptible both visually and audibly, in order to share the logical beauty of signal flow, which I know as an internal or private experience, in a public context.’